First blog post

This is first post on my word-press that I’ve just made,just a warning to you all I’ve set my word-press up so i will be posting fairly regularly updating you lot on my progress on the many stages of video editing. video-camera-1197571_960_720



How and where could your video be viewed?

I am going to upload my challenges to my YouTube channel this is so it can be viewed by a huge audience due to the fact that YouTube gets 4 billion views per day, meaning YouTube has a huge target audience.

Additionally uploading videos to YouTube is free of cost this means that obviously the website is alot easier to use because of this, meaning a younger audience can comprehend the sites logistics making it viable to all audiences on YouTube also for the fact every rude word will be censored or even edited out.

What resolution and at what frame rate

It is important because of the fact that YouTube requires a 16:9 aspect ratio. My video that  i will be produced will be in 1080p with the dimensions of the video being  1920×1080 also the frame rate that i want my video which will be uploaded to be 60fps enhancing the quality of the video expeditionary.

What cameras will you use to achieve your needs for resolution, frame rate and video quality?

Because of the huge visual requirements that i want for my video i will be using a Go-Pro Hero 4 this is all due to the fact that i want my YouTube video to look very professional so because of this i need high in demand piece of technology to achieve this.

HERO4 Silver lets you shoot 15 frames per second meaning that as well as impressive clarity, you also get smooth and realistic motion, perfect for capturing high speed tricks and stunts. You can further increase the frame rate by shooting at 1080 Full HD, allowing you to capture 60 frames per second in stunning high definition and make beautifully cinematic edits and clips. You can even increase the frame rate to an impressive 120 fps when you record at 720p for extreme slow motion footage of whatever you’re doing.

What software will you edit with? Adobe Premiere and After Effects are installed on our PCs, what could you use at home or in future employment?

Adobe Premiere, will be the program i edit all my footage with i will also use Audacity to edit the audio mainly due to the fact that i have it on my computer at home but i have very little experience with the program obviously by skills with the program will develop over time so its not really a problem.

What codecs should you employ to hit the right balance between acceptable download speed and video quality?

I will be using the H.264 codec this is because it fits exactly what I’m looking for only uses half the space of MPEG to deliver the same quality video, also This results in the fact that you can enjoy stunning HD video the way it was meant to be seen without sacrificing speed or performance thanks to the use of the codecs H.264. In conclusion this means that the codec produces videos that look really good at a compressed file size perfect for what I want.

Shopping List

Shopping List

     Item                                                   Price


  • 25 Chicken Dippers (8)                          £12.00
  • Mighty Malt (1)   330ml                         £ 0.75p
  • Barr American cream soda/
  • Red Koala  2lt                                           £1.50


  • Dry Ginger Beer  1l t                              £ 0.50p
  • Shandy bass  330ml                              £0.60p
  • Sainsbury’s diet cola basics   2lt      £0.20p
  • Dandelion and burdock 2l t               £ 0.60p
  • Blue Bolt cherry and bl   250ml        £0.60p


                                                                    Total: £16.75

                                                      Each Person: £4.18


Plan – Final Draft

So we’ve decided as a group of 4, to record, produce and upload a web series featuring the 4 of us partaking in various challenges. The first challenge will be a food challenge where we will be eating 50 Crispy Chicken Dippers (900g); the target will be to finish these dippers in the fastest time possible, although to make this challenge more difficult they will be infused with a spicy Nandos sauce. The person to eat the least chicken dippers will be crowned the loser and will have to do a half shot of spicy Nandos sauce.

Another video that we have planned to do is a drinking challenge where we will consume various shots of soft drinks while blindfolded; the aim of the game is to correctly guess what the drink is. Furthermore if the challenge seems to flow and become very easy we will step up the difficulty and mix the drinks to make it harder and more points on the line, an example of this is that if we mix two drinks you get two points if you correctly guess the drinks.

Those who guess correctly or close enough gain a point, loser has to drink all of the drinks combined.

The drinks we will buy to do this test include ginger beer, shandy, mighty malt, Barr american cream soda and red Koala, diet cola basics, dandelion and burdock and blue bolt. The catch is that some drinks will taste nice and others will not.

The final product will be edited in a way that makes it entertaining and fun to watch, it will include various graphics edited in that give details on the drinks ect as well as a timer where necessary. The final videos will be part of a web series where we do various challenges.

We will also produce a production diary showcasing a behind the scenes look of the episodes, showing how we made them, including the collecting of the required resources (drinks, food ect) and preparing them ready for the challenge.


Initial plan

So we decided as a group of 4 to record and upload a video of us preforming a food challenge of some sort that hasn’t completely been decided yet. The plan is to eat as much food as possible ideally in before a certain time that is undecided currently. The original idea that we’ve agreed on is to eat as much Oreo’s as possible in under 5 minutes.

Also another video idea that we have planned to do is a drinking challenge which involves tasting different drinks while blindfolded and guessing. Those who guess correctly or close enough gain a point, loser has a drink which has all of them combined.

The drinks we will buy to do this test include ginger beer, shandy, green juice, Fruit twist, lemon extract, vanilla coke, Blue Bolt – brand, POW sparkling water. Diet Cream soda, Dandelion and Burdock diet.


Youtube- Details

I have set up a YouTube account, on this you will be able to see a clear representation of the work that i will produce. Feel free to like and subscribe to my channel so you can both help yourself and my YouTube career, a comment always welcome, thank you.  Click Here to view my YouTube